December 31, 2004

Tsunami Effect

Just skipped the most "Bayaanak" days in my life. I entered my room with almost a feet of water. My sterio system and many belonging drowned.

I thank God for letting me, my family and friends live some more time. received more than 0.2 million hits yesterday. wierd though....the result of some pics i took after waves attacked my home and my room.Link

December 21, 2004

Pregnancy Test Results

Last night I got my pregnancy test results. the results does not confirm, but it said i MIGHT be.
For those who want to check themselves. This is the place to go. (your sex doesn't matter at all)

On-Line Pregnancy Test

December 05, 2004



The new Evil Empire (the old one was IBM). The
basic complaints are, as formerly with IBM, that (a) their system
designs are horrible botches, (b) we can't get source to fix them,
and (c) they throw their weight around a lot. See also Documents"">Halloween


Microsoft = Migration = Migrane

December 02, 2004

Another Junk from MS

Its like the old saying, one crow poops other crow poops, hehhe
MS started their blogging device.
Here is my SPACE in the msn blog:
Just like all the things MS does ...... check for idiot will switch from blogger.