February 23, 2006

Late but .... I was there too

photo: Nattu

I bumped on to vice1, simon, and chopey at the show. After seeing their expressions on their respective blogs, here I am trying to picture what ive seen and felt at the most Seattle-like experience of my life.
It was only the week before I watched the amazing G3 show with john Petrucci of Dream Theater. The melodies were running in my head for almost all the time. I went to Fasy show subconciously expecting something competitive. The show was just a phenomenon. I dont know much about guitar technics and judging. But the show was in some ways better than the G3 show. Maybe because it was live, maybe I was seeing the best lighting and sound, or maybe it was just the atmosphere. Whatever the reason Fasy did prove that there is some light for all those maldivian rock-a-rollers.

Gianscore ; the young band who opened the show wasnt cheap either. Whith just few years in experience they seem to be going the right direction with their 60/70's Rock n' roll flavours.

Animals in Maldives!!

A must-see video for any Maldivian. Some animals shown in this video have been recently discovered. The first bird seems to be my favourite one.

Link (GoogleVideo)

February 08, 2006

Fire in the Hole - 2D

Its CounterStrike, but in 2D. The only difference between this game and the original is that extra D. Almost all the official maps are included with both ‘de’ and ‘cs’ game modes. Buying menu, weapons and sounds are all from the original. Like any other CS this version comes with online and lan playability. With just 6MB the game is very addictive and I highly recommend playing it in office hours.

download: Counter-Strike 2D 6.28MB

February 07, 2006

Remembering "The Doors"

I first heard a Doors song in 1995. I saw the performance live. Though it wasn’t the original band performing, the songs “The End” and “People are strange” made me an instant fan. Back then when there was no MP3, I had to sweep the island for some Doors music. I managed to get two tapes, and copied the same day. The music was pure ecstasy. It was the time I got into Pink Floyd and these songs from The Doors actually made me the man on the moon.
In their time, The band was perfect, the music was perfect; everything was perfect till Jim Morrison mysteriously killed himself.

The remaining band members used the band name to their profit and released many compilations. Around 2003 John Densmore (drummer) parted form the other two members Ray Manzarek(keyboard) and Robbie(bass). Later on Ray and Robbie produced some songs under the band name; "Doors of the 21st Century" and shared the profit excluding John.
Recently John won a court battle against Ray and Robbie. The judge ruled that Ray and Robbie not continue to use the name “Doors of the 21st Century” or any other name that includes the word “Doors” and must give John Densmore one-third of all profits earned by the Doors.

A very special thanks goes to Mr. Mutthey (now Mezzo guitarist) for giving me that precious glimpse of The Doors back in 1995.

“This is the end”

February 02, 2006

Starforce claims to have squashed the 'rumors'

"StarForce invited anyone tn to show up at their office and present in person the security issues that have been reported. If you could do so, then you'd be awarded $10,000. Where is there office? MOSCOW!!! They surely did not expect anybody to show up. Now they're declaring victory over allegations presented on this and other sites.." Actual ref.

This article was pushing me towards some local group who actually wears blue squared uniform.
This StarForce is a company who sells advanced anti-piracy solutions over hardware and software. A very good reason behind the un-cracked SplinterCell Chaos Theory. For their early versions, a crack tool code-named StarFuck or StarForceNightmare was released for a walkaround. Even DaemonTools did the trick But now they boasts being "uncrackable", atleast for the moment to come.